Hampton Lucy Village Hall Centenary Appeal

It has been apparent for some time that our village hall has been lagging behind other village halls in the area in terms of amenities and general condition suitable for private parties, social gatherings and community groups.

Despite support from the Youth Club, The Women’s Institute, The Parish Council and Becky Gray Pilates and others it was becoming increasingly obvious the Hall was not fit for purpose in a modern world.

In 2019 we launched the Centenary Appeal and had some success. In 2019 and early 2020 we had raised enough to do initial works including putting in a new boiler, new radiators and installing hi-speed broadband.

Just as things were building momentum Covid hit and along with many others we lost a whole year of fund-raising.

However, during lockdown, we kept submitting applications for grants and despite setbacks including being turned down by Severn Trent and Biffa we attracted a steady flow of smaller grants. To date we have raised over £45,000 in cash and in-kind gifts.


The Urgent Problem

In November we were successful in securing our largest single grant of £14,322 from ACRE but it comes with a proviso, the project MUST BE FUNDED AND COMPLETED by December 31st 2021, less than a year from now.

If we have not raised the required funds by then £14,322 and possibly other donations will need to be returned. After 2 years of work this is too much to contemplate and we urgently need the help and assistance of the whole community to ensure we have modern, popular and functional village hall for 2022.


The Plan

The main object of the refurbishment is to renew the kitchen, replace the toilets and make the property genuinely accessible.

The following plan has been drawn up and costed by village architect and builder Alf Rajkowski and the following drawing sets out the current plan.


The Financial Position

Below is an outline of the current state of fund-raising, which in many ways is a positive story. We have raised 40% of the required funds despite Covid and if you can all contribute by supporting events, dreaming up events, eliciting donations from charities you know and support, and by making personal donations we are certain we can achieve the goal.


The Plan 

Project funding:

  Total Project Costs   
  Breakdown of project costs Amount
  Capital works/eligible £58.840
  VAT on capital works/eligible items £11,768
  Marketing  – (Opening event as required by ACRE) £1,000
  Sub-Total £71,608
  Fees:  planning, building regs, legal costs etc including VAT £10,000
  Equipment & Fittings including VAT £10,000
  Zero rated costs i.e.  Works which re DDA compliant for example £2,000
  Contingency £7,560
  Works Already Completed (Boiler, radiators and heating control) £8,832
  TOTAL Project Cost £110,000


Breakdown of funding Confirmed Unconfirmed
General Donations £2,309
Gift Aid Reclaim TBC
Other Fundraising (Fundraising Events, Buyabrick scheme, memorial plaques, sponsorship etc)

Sponsored Cycle Ride, Youth Club Events, Village Celebration,Raffle and Auction at Jazz Picnic

Donations at Plant/Produce Sale, Gifting by parishioners, PayPal Giving Fund Campaign





Grants –

W E Dunn Trust

WCC Councillors Grant Fund

Youth Club

The WI

Management Committee fund raising

Edgar E Lawley Foundation

The Cooperative Society Foundation

Grants from major grant making bodies

(Garfield Weston, Tesco, Biffa)


Warwicks Association of Local Councils

The 29 May 1961 Charitable Trust

John Lucy Trust




























In Kind Contributions-

Kitchen Fittings


Professional Volunteers

Banqueting Chairs






Total £45,609 £64391
Total Project Funding £110,000


How you can help

Every donation however small is is of great value to us, as we race to save the £14,000 already offered every pound you give up to £14,000 will have double the impact.

You can donate via PayPal Giving and we can benefit from Gift Aid using the following link


If you have raised funds as a group or fund-raising team you can send your collection to


Finally, if you wish to send a cheque please send it made out to Hampton Lucy Village Hall Centenary Fund c/o The John Lucy Trust, 2 The Langlands Hampton Lucy Warwick CV35 8BN

Thank you in advance for your help and support and if you have any further suggestions for raising funds, we would love to hear from you.


Eddie Hoare, Louise Tuck and Carol Matthews, January 2021